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The PRO4

Adaptable to multiple work areas.

The key to locked cities

This is our promise: a 100% electric-powered, zero emission work vehicle, just in time for an increasing number of cities across the world closing their streets to petrol and diesel engines. The PRO4 is a fully electric work vehicle, with strength and range in battery and engine power and flexible modular options for different utilities.

Modular for every challenge

The modular solutions allow the PRO4 to be customized according to customer needs. The adjustments are easily handled in your own garage.

Safe and comfortable

In order to realize our vision, we must meet the high demands of the discerning professionals who will use our vehicles. We have therefore placed great emphasis on top-of-the line ergonomics, comfort and safety in our vehicles.


and powered by maintenance-free Li-Ion batteries

With its powerful engines, strong chassis and modular options, the PRO4 challenges the idea of a smaller electric work vehicle.

Technical specifications

Our goal is to build the best vehicle in the segment. Our R&D department is now hard at work developing the complete technical specifications, together with our reference customers. Updates will be released continuously on this page.



Load capacity

1000 KG

Low maintenance and operating costs

Modern technology.

Low maintenance- and operating costs.

User-friendly and time saving.

The PRO4 is fully compatible with the future Smart City concept. Our system is based on the latest technology and prepared for continuous updates and development.

Flexible charging possibilities

Charge anywhere, anytime, anyhow.


Wall socket

On board


Public charging