Mikael Mosesson new Senior Director Aftermarket at Inzile


As of the first of June, Mikael Mosesson is our new Senior Director Aftermarket at Inzile.

He is a service professional with solid experience in the automotive industry and, with the overall responsibility for our aftermarket services, Mikael has a key role. We would like to present him in a bit more detail and tell you what he says about his new job.

After his first days of work, the impressions are good.

“It is a happy, positive and welcoming environment. It feels like there is a corporate culture here where everyone wants to do the best they can. I was in Västervik this tuesday and met most of the employees and everyone is talking about Inzile and their job with a smile on their face and with a lot of warmth. It felt incredibly inspiring.”

Mikael Mosesson has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering focusing on Japanese. Together with his fellow student, he applied for a master thesis in the machining department at Scania in Södertälje which became his gateway into employment.

“For my education, Scania was a completely natural place to do my master thesis. My expectations were not so high but after only a couple of weeks I was completely converted and started talking about the company in terms of “we”. I stayed and, until now, have made my career there. For the first five years, I worked in Scania’s production. I dealt with the technical side of things but also worked in managerial positions.” says Mikael.

Eventually he felt that he wanted to broaden his knowledge and applied to work in retail and ended up in Scania’s commercial operations. Among other things, he was involved with implementing service concepts globally and improved the related service and workshop processes.

“I had good experiences from production where high-level standardisation and systematic improvement work were success factors, which could be applied in the service network as well. This led to us improving our services and working methods globally, always with the customer in focus. Creating and developing new services based on customer needs with a focus on their profitability sums up my last assignments at Scania.” says Mikael.

Inzile’s ambitions with sustainability and smart city solutions for logistics are what have mainly attracted him to taking the job as Senior Director Aftermarket.

“It breathes the future, it is an exciting product and I believe that with my experience I can contribute to the company’s development,” he continues. “It is very motivating to be in an environment like this.”

Mikael continues to enthuse about how he thinks Inzile has great potential and that the area of the conversion to fossil-free is expansive and interesting.

“My own area is primarily about ensuring that the customer does not experience unplanned downtime. The aftermarket function needs to be able to establish proactive service solutions that allows customers to focus on their core business without being distracted by unplanned operational disruptions. Proactivity instead of reactivity. It is based on a strong interaction between, for example, sales, service and technology.”

As a professional, he describes himself as humble in the face of the task before him, and a team player with a leadership style characterised by presence.

“When you can give an employee the right prerequisites and understand their needs 1+1 becomes 3. I am most passionate about that. And, of course, it is very important that we can laugh together and have fun at work! “

When I ask Mikael to look into his crystal ball and tell me where the company will be in five years, he replies “I believe and hope that Inzile is the natural first choice for customers who clearly want to make an impression in sustainable urban solutions. We also have a broader product offering, can deliver in more segments and offer quality services linked to the product. With a clear vision, teamwork, innovation and motivated employees, we will make the journey possible together”