Inzile has signed a framework agreement with Picsmart


Inzile has signed a framework agreement with Picsmart. Picsmart’s business concept is to re-launch the local country store.  Picsmart has developed a technical platform that simplifies the process for both customers and local retailers. A cornerstone of the company’s business concept is fossil-free deliveries performed by electric vehicles.

Inzile’s electric truck Pro4 is well suited to Picsmart’s operations and strengthens the concept with its unique appearance. Picsmart has therefore signed a framework agreement with Inzile, which states delivery of 10-28 vehicles full year 2020.

– It feels important that, together with Inzile’s electric vehicle, be given the opportunity to be the company that takes lead in the environmental issue, linked primarily to last miles deliveries in daily food trade. Inzile’s vehicles fit our purpose perfectly why we are very happy with this agreement, says Christopher Heybroek, CEO of Picsmart.

– We strongly believe the core ideas in Picsmart’s operations and we are happy that our vehicles will be associated with new smart business models that contribute to a better environment in our cities, says Klas Åhgren, CMO at Inzile.