First day at work for our new CEO, Daniel Wedberg


Today is the first day at work for new Inzile CEO Daniel Wedberg. We have exciting times ahead of us and have therefore had a chat with Wedberg about the future, the company, and not least, about himself.

“It is with a humble heart that I take over the baton from Ragnar Åhgren and have now been given the chance to nurture and grow this fantastic company that he has created with all its enthusiastic employees,” Wedberg says.

Although Wedberg has arrived from Scania, he also has a military background as a career officer in the Swedish Armed Forces. During his time at Scania, Wedberg was involved in developing the entire value chain from development to business development, including helping to establish Scania Growth Capital that invests in and develops smaller enterprises. With such relevant experience, the role of CEO at Inzile is a job Wedberg is tackling with enthusiasm.

“Being a start-up in the vehicle industry is a real challenge, but Inzile is perfectly positioned for the future within sustainable urban transport. With my passionate interest in sustainability and the development of the logistics of the future, I intend to fully leverage my 18 years’ experience.”

Wedberg’s interest in the environment and people are two strong driving forces for him.

“The vision for me is about sustainable urban logistics and sustainable development of people. Together with every employee at Inzile, I now have the chance to contribute to turning this vision into reality. Our goal is to make our customers more profitable while helping them and society achieve their sustainability goals””

Wedberg says that important keys for a successful continuation is a good corporate culture and good leadership together with personnel.

“Ever since the start of my professional career, I have been trained in leadership based on getting a team to work towards the same goals and where everyone wants everyone else to succeed. Every breath and action should be geared at enabling us to reach towards where we want to go. I am going to do everything I can to ensure we are successful together.”