Bring chooses Swedish electric vehicle maker Inzile


Logistics company Bring is working hard on the sustainability front and has promised to provide totally fossil fuel free transport by 2025 at the latest. Bring views all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer Inzile as an integral part of the solution to achieve the very tough targets they have set.

Inzile is an important partner of and supplier to Bring in several different ways. With an investment of SEK 5 million in Inzile, Bring has secured the first five vehicles off the production line. Bring also has an option to sign a right of first refusal on several vehicles in the coming years. The two companies are also working closely on important development issues. 

Inzile is challenging the traditional auto industry with a combination of innovation and 21st century flexibility,” says Catherine Löfquist, Sustainability Manager at Bring. “I have been working with environment issues since the 1990s, and I am convinced that new angles of attack and long-term partnerships are key ingredients for change.”

Bring has been addressing sustainability for many years, such as by reorganising its deliveries in inner Stockholm and in and around Gothenburg and Malmö where the company now only uses electric vehicles or bicycles. One of its many tough targets is to use fossil fuel free transport only by 2025.

“The transport sector is part of the environment problem and we at Bring want to be part of the solution,” Löfquist adds. “We have set many tough environment targets over the years, and we’ve managed to beat every one of them ahead of time.”

Inzile vehicles can reach 50 kmph and be configured for different requirements, which is a perfect fit for last mile deliveries in urban areas. 

Bring will initially use Inzile vehicles for home deliveries of lighter packages, but also has plans to deliver furniture and white goods on semi-trailers.