Pro4 Van


Category: N1 1 driver and 1 passenger

Max speed: 50 kmh

Range: (standard) up to 120 km 1)

Range: (extended) up to 240 km 1)

Weights & Dimension

Weight – Chassis and cab 950 kg ²)

Max. load capacity: 1000 kg ³)

Dimension (L/W/H) 4100/1600/2080 mm

Axle distance 2960 mm

Load height 790 mm

Options (selected in Build your Pro4 Van):
Short box (L/W/H) 2100/1800/1500 mm
Long box (L/W/H) 2600/1800/1500 mm

Towing capacity

With trailer brakes (max) 2000 kg ³)

Without trailer brakes (max) 750 kg


Motor type: AC induction/asynchronous

Motor peak power 25 kw

Nominal voltage 96 VDC



Rigid axle with retarders and differentials

Gearbox: Forward/reverse

Rear wheel drive


Front suspension: Macpherson

Rear Suspension: Air

Control system: EPS

Turning circle: 10,2 m


Main braking system

Disc brakes, front

Drum brakes, rear

Mechanical handbrake

Wheels & Tyres

Tyre type: Tubeless Steel Radial

Tyre size 195/65 R15

Wheels 15″

Battery system

Battery type, lithium ion phosphate

Battery capacity: Standard (120 km) / Extended (240 km)

Integrated charger: Yes

1) The range a vehicle achieves is dependent on a number of different factors such as equipment level, speed, driving style, load, weather conditions, topography, etc.
2) Weight is calculated on the basis of a vehicle with cab, basic chassis, and exclusive of battery system.
3) Maximum load capacity varies depending on vehicle equipment and configuration.

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Build your own Pro4 Van to choose the equipment and options that are right for you

PRO4 is completely compatible with future Smart City concepts. Our system is based on the latest technology and is prepared for continual updating and development.
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Modern technology
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