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Inzile AB, Baumansgatan 4
SE-593 32 Västervik, Sweden
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Our story

We have a vision that in the future, every town and city in the world will be free from pollutants and contaminants from fossil fuels. We aim to contribute to these smart cities of the future and improve the quality of life of citizens to meet the demands of generations today and tomorrow for a clean urban environment. Inzile builds electric vehicles created for work. And when we say created for work, we not only mean individual jobs in town, but we also mean they are made to work for people, made to work for the planet and made to work for a better future.

As a country, from the Anders Celsius thermometer in the 18th Century to the three-point seat belt, Sweden has long been a cradle of innovation. Our challenging Nordic climate has forced us to make products of high quality that stand the test of time. With over 40 years collective experience, our team is now building electric vehicles that are strong, smart and adaptable.

A little vehicle with big qualities that offers high safety standards and modular functionality. Every vehicle is designed to suit every driver, every town, every city, and every job.

That’s why our aim is as authentic as it is simple; Inzile is made to work – for you, for your city, and for the planet we all call home.