Swedish automaker Inzile now offers you the opportunity to configure your own electric commercial vehicle online to suit your own specific requirements. Once you have configured your vehicle, you can then simply choose to request a quote or save your configuration. 

Inzile offers two different electric vehicle models: the Pro4 Van and Pro4 Work. The Pro4 Van is a light goods van and the Pro4 Work is a flatbed truck. Both models are based on solid Swedish craftsmanship and build quality and manufactured in Västervik on the Baltic coast south of Stockholm.

Inzile vehicles are all-electric and based on holistic thinking through their entire life cycle, to ensure they are as sustainable and environment-friendly as possible. Key concerns in today’s society. 

The vehicles give off zero emissions and offer strength, range and flexible modular solutions for different applications. Ergonomics, comfort and safety are also key design considerations. The vehicles have powerful engines, a strong chassis and challenge tradition conceptions of smaller electric vehicles. 

Are you ready to configure your own Inzile now?

First choose your preferred model. Either a Pro4 Van, or a Pro4 Work flatbed truck. Step two is to choose the length of flatbed, if you want compartments on the flatbed or bars. After that, it’s time to choose any other optional accessories, such as lighting, reversing camera or alcolock, for example. Finally, you choose a colour and which battery you want.

When you are happy with your choices, you can either save your configuration, maybe to show it to colleagues, or request a quote from Inzile directly.


Bring chooses Swedish electric vehicle maker Inzile

Bring chooses Swedish electric vehicle maker Inzile

Logistics company Bring is working hard on the sustainability front and has promised to provide totally fossil fuel free transport by 2025 at the latest. Bring views all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer Inzile as an integral part of the solution to achieve the very tough targets they have set.

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Inzile is approved as a service vehicle by HBV

Inzile is approved as a service vehicle by HBV

In early September 2019, Inzile was approved by the HBV (Home Construction Products Association) dynamic procurement system 18-116 Service Vehicles. The agreement covers 350 member companies and the approval is for service and transport vehicles up to 3.5 tons.

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