Inzile has initiated negotiations regarding the establishment of production of the electric light truck Pro4 in Barcelona, Spain, with the intention of being able to deliver vehicles to Southern Europe. The goal is for production to begin in 2022.

Inzile is continuously looking for possible production locations abroad. One such is a factory in Barcelona, ​​which will be closed by the end of 2021. This means that there will be a large capacity available to manufacture cars with a very skilled workforce.

– We see this as an efficient way to get started relatively quickly with production and delivery of our vehicles in the Southern part of Europe where demand is high, says Inzile’s CEO Ragnar Åhgren.

A number of well known OEMs’ passenger cars, commercial vehicles, SUVs, trucks and buses have been produced in this industrial site and consequently there is an important network of well-established automotive suppliers.

– Spain is Europe’s second largest car manufacturer and has extensive knowledge in automotive. An establishment here would be very well placed for Inzile, says Ragnar Åhgren. If negotiations end positively, it will be possible to produce up to 5,000 Inzile vehicles per year, starting at the beginning of 2022, Ragnar Åhgren continues.

Together with a Spanish promoter entity, we have presented our expansion project to public authorities, state and local, to participate in the “Decarbonization Hub” of Zona Franca in Barcelona, a strategic and innovative open area project for the industrial reconversion of the area. This so called D-Hub has been projected for electric vehicles and other industrial, logistic and technological companies with a highly innovative and sustainable profile, to take advantage of the great expertise available in the area and create new jobs.

– A production facility in this traditional vehicle center will also make it easier for us to find the right distribution channels for sales of the produced volume, says Inzile’s sales and marketing director Klas Åhgren.

Inzile Pro4 is an electric light truck that has been developed with the aim of creating conditions for smart and fossil-free cities. Electric Utility Vehicle (EUV) is a niche segment in the automotive industry that is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. The customer groups include real estate companies, transport companies and e-retailers that want to eliminate emissions in the cities, as well as municipalities and park administrations.

For further information, please contact:

Ragnar Åhgren, CEO,, +46 73 356 89 89

Peter Wergens, CFO,, +46 73 325 75 04