eFashion Championship PTE Ltd (“eFC”) is proposed to join Inzile’s Board of Directors, as a proprietary member, at the Extraordinary General shareholders’ Meeting on February 18, 2022.

Enrique Bañuelos, Juan Carlos del Rio and Gloria Bañuelos are proposed by eFC to become part of Inzile’s Board of Directors. This shows the full support and commitment of the eFC Group to develop the company towards a global player in electric mobility solutions. 

Board Member Måns Sjöstedt is appointed CEO of Inzile, as it is important for Inzile to have a strong local CEO in Sweden. The former CEO Yago Mendez will  focus on the upcoming electric mobility project in Barcelona and the relationship with Inzile’s partner QEV Technologies.

Ragnar Åhgren leaves the board. He will continue working for the group, focusing on the development of new products and production plants.

– Inzile now focuses its strategy to become one of the global leaders in electro mobility solutions, with the support of all shareholders and the work of its partly new Board and Management Team, says Enrique Bañuelos, owner of eFC.  We will have a future full of positive milestones that value the company’s actions and solidity, concludes Enrique Bañuelos.

For further information, please contact:

Håkan Örtenholm, Chairman Inzile, hakan.ortenholm@inzile.com, +46 72 296 94 63

Peter Wergens, CFO Inzile, peter.wergens@inzile.com, +46 73 325 75 04