Referring to the completed transaction announced on October 12, Ragnar Åhgren, Chairman of the Board of Inzile, is delighted to welcome eFashion Championship with its owner Enrique Banuelos as the new main shareholder.

– As the owner of 100% of eFashion Championship I express my sincere gratitude to all the shareholders of Inzile – especially the founder of Inzile Ragnar Åhgren and Board Member Håkan Örtenholm (who introduced us) – who have unanimously supported the creation of the NEW INZILE, as well as to the current board and management team who have all my support, so that with total independence they will develop this company into a global leader within electromobility solutions, says Enrique Banuelos. We will bring new strategic shareholders who provide support and value to Inzile by using our global network to open markets and create opportunities, continues Enrique Banuelos. As the main shareholder of Inzile I will support the strategy and key decisions as well as inspire the organization with the philosophy of my company eFashion Championship, concludes Enrique Banuelos.

 – With the acquisition of 80% of QEV Tech Holdings S.L. Inzile will take a big leap closer to our vision of creating a fossil-free society with our modern transport and service solutions, says Ragnar Åhgren, Chairman of the Board of Inzile. This transaction will imply an incredible boost for Inzile as a company, continues Ragnar Åhgren. Inzile will now incorporate existing market and sales channels for new segments such as resort vehicles and sports cars and Inzile will become the parent company for sales and marketing of electric vehicles, e.g. small cars, last-mile vehicles, buses and special vehicles like our existing Pro4, concludes Ragnar Åhgren.

In November 2021 Inzile will present its new plan for 2022-2024 to all shareholders.    

For further information, please contact:

Klas Åhgren, acting CEO Inzile,, +46 70 985 58 02

Peter Wergens, CFO Inzile,, +46 73 325 75 04