Electric vehicle company Inzile has been selected by the Swedish Energy Agency to participate in a feasibility study for the development of a hybrid solution with a combined battery and fuel cell system. The project aims at developing the next generation electrical systems for electric vehicles specially adapted to the Nordic climate. The target is to improve both the range of the vehicle and the driver’s comfort, which is possible through the integration of fuel cell systems and the electrical system as well as the heating system.

The project is a collaboration between Inzile, APR Technologies, Abtery AB, Gränges, myFC and the research institute RISE, which will lead the feasibility study.

The project runs for eight months and is jointly financed by the Industrial Companies and the Swedish Energy Agency. The aim of the project is to develop concepts for next generation electric drive systems for flexible electric vehicles specially adapted to the Nordic climate.

The goal is to design a system that provides both better comfort (efficient heating) and improved range through smart integration of fuel cell and battery in the vehicle. The fuel cell contributes electrically as a range extender and in the heat management system to support heating of battery systems and cab during start-up and in cold conditions. 

Inzile Pro4 is an electric light truck that has been developed with the aim of creating conditions for smart and fossil-free cities. Electric Utility Vehicle (EUV) is a niche market in the automotive industry that is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. The customer groups include real estate companies, transport companies and e-retailers that want to eliminate emissions in the cities, as well as municipalities and park administrations.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Wergens, CFO
Tel: +46 73-325 75 04
E-mail: peter.wergens@inzile.com

Contact person RISE: Andreas Reeb, Projekt Manager, +46 10 228 47 27