As a natural consequence of the company's focused commercial and industrial strategy, Inzile is implementing a new consolidated organization. As previously communicated, the key changes in the company's strategy are a transition to customer order-driven production and that a larger part of sales will take place via established resellers.

The consolidated commercial organization will in a better way be able to offer Inzile's customers complete solutions over the entire vehicle life cycle. Here, new services, services and financing solutions will be developed. The new organization also gives Inzile a better muscle to drive sales.

The consolidated industrial organization means that purchasing, development and production are merged, which provides a focused industrial structure in order to more rapidly develop new solutions for Inzile's customers, within and adjacent to, today's product segments.

Inzile has also adapted the size of the organization to the current level of sales. The change covers both the company's management and other personnel and provides a significant reduction in the company's cost base. Negotiations with trade unions have been conducted and concluded regarding blue-collar employees as well as white-collar employees with a reduced organization as a result.

The management team under CEO Daniel Wedberg has been concentrated and now consists of Michael Andersson, former production manager, who has been appointed to the newly established role of Chief Operating Officer. Furthermore, Mikael Mosesson, former head of service and aftermarket, has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer. CFO Peter Wergens and HR director Adéle Lantz remain in their positions.

Former members of the management, who continue to remain in the company, are Hans Berntsson, Mattias Hedlund and Dan Augustini. Hans Berntsson continues as CTO and Mattias Hedlund as Manager Production, Logistics and Purchasing, both reporting to the company's Chief Operating Officer. Dan Augustini takes on the role of Sales Controlling Manager and reports to the company's Chief Commercial Officer.

– Inzile's new consolidated management structure means that we can offer our customers improved products and complete solutions faster and more cost-effectively. With this structure, we will at the same time put a much greater pressure on sales, where the sales channel via our established resellers is a central muscle, says Inzile's CEO Daniel Wedberg.

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Daniel Wedberg, CEO Inzile,, +46 70-285 42 55