NT Maskin AB, based in Enköping and Sala, operates in the Swedish regions Mälardalen, Dalarna and Värmland. It is an entrepreneurial company with extensive experience in sales in the green space and contracting industry.

– We notice that there is an increasing demand for work vehicles with battery operation in our industry, and we are therefore pleased to offer our customers Inzile's Swedish-made quality vehicles, says Nina Wisell, CEO of NT Maskin.

– Inzile is looking forward to the collaboration with Nina Wisell and NT Maskin, says Carsten Jörgensen, Sales Manager at Inzile. Their long experience in products for green spaces and the contracting industry fits our strategy of collaborating with locally strong players very well, Carsten Jörgensen concludes.

For further information, please contact:

Carsten Jörgensen, Sales Manager Inzile, carsten.jorgensen@inzile.com, +46 73 370 37 13
Peter Wergens, CFO Inzile, peter.wergens@inzile.com, +46 73 325 75 04