During the first quarter of the year, the electric vehicle company Inzile intensified its sales and marketing activities in both the Swedish and Norwegian markets. As part of this work, Inzile is now broadening its sales channels to reach more and new customers. Sales will continue to take place with the support of Inzile’s digital sales platform.

During the first months of the year, interest in Inzile increased from locally strong players within vehicle sales. Many potential customers and resellers understand the customer value that Inzile delivers.

– The interest in fossil-free work vehicles is increasing sharply right now as many factors interact, comments Ragnar Åhgren, Inzile's CEO. The number of requests for cooperation and partnerships from locally strong players is constantly increasing from virtually all regions in Sweden and Norway, Ragnar Åhgren continues.

The strong demand from the reseller level has contributed to Inzile's decision to broaden its sales channels to quickly meet customer demand, which has so far consisted of direct sales. The model is now being extended to include partnerships with a number of selected retailers in priority regions in Sweden and Norway.

– Our sales platform creates business opportunities for our partners, while we maintain the relationship with the end customers and guarantee a good customer experience, says Klas Åhgren, commercial director at Inzile.

– Inzile's model is a new way of working with partnerships, where retailers can choose between a number of levels of commitment and approach, which also regulate the margins we share. This is to reward proactivity in the partnership and at the same time ensure Inzile's profitability, says Anders Gabrielsson, sales manager at Inzile.

For further information, please contact:

Ragnar Åhgren, CEO Inzile, ragnar.ahgren@inzile.com, +46 73 356 89 89