At the Extra General Meeting on December 17, 2021 in Inzile AB (publ), the following decisions were made in accordance with the proposals presented in the notice convening the Extra General Meeting, which were held available on the company’s website

The Annual General Meeting resolved:

  • The meeting resolved to amend the Articles of Association in accordance with the Board’s proposal, meaning inter alia that
    The board shall have its registered office in Stockholm municipality.
    – The company’s share capital must be a minimum of SEK 2,500,000 and a maximum
      of SEK 10,000,000.
    – The number of shares shall be a minimum of 25,000,000 shares and a maximum
      of 100,000,000 shares.

  • The meeting resolved to authorize the Board of Directors to, on one or more occasions, during the period until the next Annual General Meeting, with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights, decide on new issue of shares and/or issue of warrants and/or convertibles against cash payment or with a provision on non-cash or set-off or with other conditions. To the extent that the authorization is exercised, the number of shares that can be issued or added when exercising warrants or conversion in total corresponds to a maximum of 55 percent of the total number of outstanding shares in the Company at the time when the Board first exercises the authorization.
    The authorization replaces the authorization provided by the Annual General Meeting.
  • The meeting elected Rafael Escanez and Yago Mendez as new members of the Board.
    Håkan Örtenholm was appointed Chairman of the Board.

It was noted that all decisions were unanimous.

For further information, please contact:

Håkan Örtenholm, Chairman of the Board Inzile,, +46 72 296 94 63

Peter Wergens, CFO Inzile,, +46 73 325 75 04