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Inzile started with a clear and simple purpose – to change the work vehicle sector. And by developing fossil-free transport and service solutions, we did. But to make something truly sustainable we need to look beyond the CO2 emissions. Not only changing transportation. But to change the places where we live and work.

Our business is a modular and circular eco-system. A good starting point. But even if our cars lasts longer than most, nothing lasts forever. That’s why we aim to create something bigger. Something groundbreaking. Something that makes a difference. For real. A platform for change, from the ground up. Revolutionizing the way we ship, the way we build and the way we think about mobility. Made in Sweden but assembled in every country we’re present.

Creating jobs all over the world and a better life for as many people as possible. Because even if the EV-revolution is global, it impacts one place at a time. Everything is connected. We just fill in the blanks.

We’re not making vague promises about saving the world. No, we are talking about clear and direct changes. Changes you experience. Changes you see with your own eyes. Changes redefining mobility and re-imagining local sustainability.

Join us in redefining the future of electric mobility

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